Black History Month in the Library!

4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade

This month in the library, the students have been creating different projects to display.  The students did a wonderful job and were very creative when putting together their ideas and projects!

In 4th grade, we read the story "The Pathwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom". Then each student choose a quilt square and designed a quilt square that would have been used on a Freedom Quilt.

In 5th grade, we read the story, "Martin's Big Words".  We then discussed different words that have powerful meanings for Black History Month.  We also discussed different African American  individuals who we celebrate in the month of February.  The students then chose different words and created a word art picture.

In 6th grade, we read the story, "I Am Every Good Thing".  We then discussed how it is important to have confidence in yourself, and view yourself in a positive light.  The students were then assigned a creative writing activity where they needed to write about themselves in a positive way.