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Are eLearning Days in the forecast?

 E-Learning Days Explanation 

 Vision: To provide innovative opportunities that will allow our students to participate in learning outside of the traditional school setting.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the Illinois General Assembly passed a law that provides flexibility on how to approach teaching and learning during emergency days and “snow days.” As a result, District 162 is introducing e-Learning days this year. This innovative approach to learning ensures that instruction does not stop during inclement weather, and e-Learning days will apply to all students in grades Kindergarten through fourth grade. 

Parents will not be expected to assume the role of teacher during e-Learning days. Our plan will ensure that teachers and support staff will be available to assist students with their assignments during the hours of a school day (9am - 2pm). The assignments for e-Learning are designed to be engaging and meaningful and will allow students to learn while at home.

Students will be required to log and submit evidence of their learning experiences. Students in Kindergarten through grade 4 will need to be engaged for 5 clock hours.

If students are unable to participate during the e-Learning day, accommodations will be made to assist them in making up the missed work.

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