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Earth Day 2021: Thursday, April 22

Earth Day 2021: To Do List

Happy Earth Day, Arcadia Family! Below is a short list of Earth Day Activities you can participate in with your family. If you participate, please send your participation pictures to your teacher!

  • Take a walk while social distancing and discover native plants. If you are able to do so, take a walk around your neighborhood (while observing social distancing rules) and learn about the plants near your home. You can use the Native Plant Finder website to search for plants in your zip code. Send a picture of some plants to your teacher!
  • Look for stars. Earth Day corresponds with the peak of the Lyrid Meteor Shower. If the skies are clear, get outside and look up. Then, write an e-mail to your teacher about what you saw!
  • Go on a rainbow scavenger hunt. Look for items, objects, or things of each color of the rainbow in the order of the rainbow. Then record your findings; send them to your teacher.
  • Clean up inside or outside your house.
  • Learn about pollution and how to alleviate it. Once you have read about pollution, write your teacher an e-mail about what you have learned.