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In the News - NBC 5 Chicago: Richton Park Teen Shares Message of Perseverance After MS Diagnosis

#SouthlandintheNews | On June 8, 2022, NBC Chicago's Vi Nguyen sat down with Deontae Farrow, one of Southland’s shining graduates from the Class of 2022. Watch as he shares how his battle with multiple sclerosis (MS) hasn’t stopped him from meeting each finish line he has faced with optimism and the motivation to persevere.
We are #SouthlandProud of everything you have accomplished, Deontae! We’re excited to keep seeing you soar as you begin your college journey at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign this fall.
You inspire your Southland Family and those in the community experiencing health challenges alike to stay hopeful, keep pressing forward, and never give up.