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Southland College Prep’s Virtual Celebration of Black History Month - the ”Harlem Renaissance” -- debuts tonight at 7:00 PM!

Good Evening Southland Family and Friends,

The day has finally arrived.  The Southland College Prep virtual Black History Month celebration, "The Harlem Renaissance," will be streaming on Southland's YouTube channel tonight at 7:00 p.m. CST! 

This “Harlem Renaissance” show is by far the most professional student production we’ve mounted in Southland College Prep’s 10-year history.  Despite the tremendous challenges our students and faculty are coping with during this historic year, they perform magnificently. Our students have shown their mettle and resilience to mount a memorable production that will make you smile, to feel good and to relish a time gone by.  Produced by our own Fred Nelson, III, the versatile and talented professional musical arranger and director who worked closely with the late Aretha Franklin, the virtual program, videotaped over two weeks, is emceed by Robert Lane, Southland’s Director of College Admissions and Alumni Affairs, and features several hundred students who sing, dance, perform in the band and string ensemble and deliver dramatic selections.

So let us all please gather with our family and friends and enjoy this spectacular musical extravaganza together.  The link is below.