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Matteson School Readers on ABC 7 Chicago

Five years ago, the previous principal along with Mr. John Fountain, columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and proud parent of District 162 and Southland College Prep, began a program where a group of men pledged a commitment to come read with our students every Thursday morning. This program remains in place and we recently welcomed them back to continue another year of service within the school. We have been fortunate to have a variety of dedicated individuals—including volunteers from Matteson Police Department and the Village of Matteson—who come weekly to read.   Starting last year, we expanded our program and invited honor students from Southland College Prep to come read as well. It has made our Thursdays a day to look forward to for the students and staff of Matteson.


Mr. Fountain continues to write about the program from time-to-time in the Chicago Sun-Times and it has caught the attention of ABC 7 Chicago.

On Friday, September 26, this story aired on the ABC 7 Chicago 4:00pm newscast.  Please click on the link below to see a brief article along with video of the story. 

ABC 7 Chicago-Matteson Real Men Read