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2021 - 2022 Uniform Policy


Since school is a place of business, it is expected that students will dress in a manner that conforms to the purposes of the school process.  A student’s dress is expected not to be distracting, unreasonable, immodest or unkempt.  Any student whose dress or conduct is disruptive to the educational process or could constitute a threat to the safety, health or welfare of self or others will cause school officials to deal with their situations individually.  In these individual cases, parents will be contacted to inform them of the situation and to initiate a cooperative solution.  The following examples will serve as guidelines for students:


UPPER GARMENTS All upper garments must be white or blue. The shirts that are permitted are polo shirts and collared dress shirts. Shirts are to fit properly (not oversized or excessively tight) and are to have no writing of any kind. Shirts may be long or short sleeved. White or blue undershirts, turtlenecks, and/or non-hooded, knit sweaters may be worn as weather requires. 


LOWER GARMENTS Lower garments will be navy, black, or khaki dress slacks, Dockers, shorts, skirts or dresses. Lower garments must fit properly (not oversized or excessively tight). Waistbands are to be fitted at the waist. Slacks/Dockers must not flair to an unsafe width. All slacks/Dockers with belt loops must have a belt or suspenders at all times. Remember, shorts and skirts must be the length of your longest finger with your arm and hand completely extended to your side.


  1. Young ladies will wear shirts, tops and blouses that are appropriately sized and either overlap the bottom garment or are tucked in.  Bare midriffs will not be allowed.  Appropriate foundation garments will be worn at all times. 
  2. Shirts, tops, blouses and dresses must either have sleeves, or must cover the area from neckline to shoulder, requiring wide enough straps. Shorts and skirts should be a minimum length of one's extended arms and fingertips.
  3. Hosiery and Leggings must be solid and aligned with uniform colors, flesh tones, white, blue or black.
  4. Chain belts, studded belts, or unusually large chain necklaces that are obviously not part of normal attire are prohibited.
  5. Attire, jewelry, pins or any other type of wearing apparel or accessory that advertises, promotes\or depicts alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs, gangs, nudity, obscenity, harassment, acts of violence or profanity is prohibited.
  6. Young men must have shirts tucked in and secured with a belt.
  7. Young men are not to wear earrings.
  8. Shoes that cover the entire foot must be worn at all times.  Shoes should not slip off feet and laces must be tied. Shoelaces are to be one color.  
  9. Pants must be worn around the natural waist. No sagging pants will be worn in school and pant legs will not be rolled up or secured at the ankle. 
  10. Students are not permitted to wear boxer shorts, pajama or pajama look-alike attire to school.
  11. Head coverings including scarves, bandanas, etc. are not permitted in school.
  12. Outside the building and on the bus, hat brims or emblems are to face forward.

We believe that student attire has an impact on learning and focus; therefore, we are asking that you support us as we continue to build a positive school climate for the 2021-2022 school year.  In order to participate in incentive activities (Wildcat Days, Field trips, drawings and other incentives) students, in addition to the normal requirements, must comply with the modified dress code every attendance day.