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Southland Athletics

  • Southland College Prep provides physical education programming to create a culture of health and fitness at the school that involves all members and builds community. We seek to ensure broad participation by students, faculty and families, making fitness an integral part of our school’s curriculum and social activity. At Southland, we consider athletics to be central to our mission of developing our students as citizens and leaders. Our core beliefs that ground our program include:

girls tennis
  • We believe in the value of athletics for the entire student body.

    We believe that all students should have the opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletics during their high school years. There is a place for athletes of all skill levels to represent Southland in athletic competitions. Athletic participation plays an important part in helping each student develop a healthy self-image as well as a healthy body.

girls volleyball
  • We believe that athletics are a key to building the character of our students.

    Our coaches teach their players the skills and strategy behind the game while also instilling a respect for the tradition of the game including honorable behavior. They realize that what they are teaching their players carries far beyond the field into the classroom, into the home and eventually into adulthood.

boys basketball
  • We believe that athletics offer an opportunity for students to focus on personal improvement as well as contributing to their team’s success.

    We focus on learning from mistakes and help students to be successful by rebounding from their inevitable mistakes with renewed determination. Our coaches also believe in developing our students’ understanding of competition, sportsmanship, commitment, teamwork, competition, cooperation and fair play are learned when students are taught to respect the game—to bring dignity and self-control to the contest, win or lose.

  • These beliefs are reflected in our athletic program. Southland offers a range of sports, from basketball and volleyball to bowling and golf. Read more about our teams on our Athletics page..