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  • Week of February 17th - 21st

    This week we are reviewing the letters Uu, Qq, Ll, and Ff!

    • What does the letter Uu, Qq, Ll, and Ff sound like?
    • Name 5 words that start with Uu, Qq, Ll, and Ff.
    • Practice writing the letters Uu, Qq, Ll, and  Ff.
    • Sing the Jolly Phonics Song. 

      Letter U         Letter Q


     Letter L           Letter F




    We are continuing our "Pet and Animal" Study! 

    We will investigate and explore the needs of pets and the different kinds of animals that are pets.  

    • What kinds of animals are pets? What are some characteristics of pets?
    • Where do pets live?
    • What do pets eat?
    • How do we care for pets?
    • How do pets make us feel?


    Vocabulary: affection, aquarium, cage, groom, shelter, veterinarian, habitat, train, nibble, nest, gobble, domesticated, wild, representation, nocturnal, enclosure, bedding, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, recommended,communicate, groomer, cleanse, care plan, service animals




    Social/Emotional Skill of the month is: Problem Solving

    Coping Strategies  


    1. Say, "Would you please STOP _____________ (name the behavior)? Ex. Would you stop hitting me? Would you stop touching my painting? etc.
    2. IGNORE their behavior.
    3. WALK AWAY.
    4. GET HELP.


    Nutrition Focus: Eat Your Colors!

    • Eat fruits and vegetables of every color for good health (i.e.., eating a variety of fruits and vegetables).
    • Identify foods within the Fruit Group and Vegetable Group.
    • What colors are fruits and vegetables?
    • Why is it important to eat different kinds of fruits and vegetables?

    eat your colors

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  • Richton Square School e-Learning 


    As the weather outside becomes more frightful, the thought of our new eLearning Days Plan becomes more and more delightful. Under Illinois Public Act 101-0012, the Illinois School Board of Education (ISBE) opened the door for all school districts to use technology initiatives for teaching and learning outside the traditional classroom. This new initiative is to be used in lieu of traditional snow days. It is an innovative, engaging instructional model to keep the sequence of learning going in spite of weather and other challenges. More importantly, it has provided teachers and students the opportunity to engage with digital resources, to collaborate virtually, and to develop digital skills that are used and valued beyond Pre-K-12.

    Parents, in the event of an emergency school closing, Richton's e-Learning Plan is attached.  The goal is for each student to spend at least (2.5 clock hours for half-day) and (5 clock hours for full-day) on school work for each E-Learning day. 

    Click the link below to sign in for the online attendance tracker.  Teachers will contact parents/guardians via the classroom communication app (Remind), or e-mail during the e-Learning day to ensure engagement.  

    All Richton students have been provided a printed packet of the choice board assignments.  Parents if you have misplaced the packet, clink the proper link below to access the choice boards.  The assignments must be turned in to the homeroom teacher the next day school is in session.  Please call Richton Square School at 708-283-2706 with any questions you may have.  

    Thank you for your understanding in this endeavor! Stay warm; we will see you soon.

    Richton e-Learning Attendance Tracker

    Full-Day e-Learning Choice Board 

    Full-Day Activities

    Half-Day e-Learning Choice Board

    Half-Day Activities

    Early Childhood e-Learning Choice Board 

    Early Childhood e-Learning Activities

    The Snowy Day


    The Mitten

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