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    Letter from the Principal

    We have a busy month in November.  Please click below to see what is happening this month.

    November Family Letter

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    Chuck E. Cheese Fund Raiser This Thursday, November 15!

    Turn FUN into FUN(DS) at the Matteson Chuck E. Cheese. Chuck E. Cheese is a place where you can bring your whole family to enjoy a safe, clean and FUN experience.  Supporting education is an important part of Chuck E. Cheese.  If we can raise $3000 or more on Thursday we will receive a 20% of the earnings.  ALSO your child will receive 20 free tokens when you mention you're here with Matteson School. Come and join our teachers in some fun while collecting funds for our school!

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  • Parents

    V. I. P. Day Thursday, November 15

    On November 15 we will celebrate all of the Very Important People in our student's lives.  We invite parents, grandparents or anyone who is special and important to your child to come and visit our school and your child's classroom.  We will begin in the Commons at 8:30 a.m. with our key speaker Mr. John Fountain talking about how and why we should participate in our child's educational career. We hope to see all of our student's V.I.P's on Thursday, November 15!

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  • Food Drive


    Food Drive

    This is the season to be being thankful for all we have!  Our student council is sponsoring their annual Food Drive to feed the hungry! Please donate non-perishable food items for our food drive boxes.  The Food Drive runs from 11-20 to 12-13.

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    report card

    Report Cards 

    Our first quarter of the 2018-2019 school year will end this Friday. Next Friday, November 9, your child will bring home his/her report card for the first quarter.  Please look for your child's report card in his/her bookbag.  Discuss the report with your child, sign the envelope and send the envelope back for next quarter.  You keep your child's report card at home.

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  • Men of Matteson is growing!

    Men of Matteson

    We were so happy to see many of our Men of Matteson from last year come back and read to our children.  The program initiated by Mr. John Fountain, has grown to over a dozen men joining our team!  We are so proud to welcome all of our Men of Matteson, your energy, history and the ablilty to be a role model to our young children is needed and very much appreciated.  "Word is out in the city of Matteson,"  Chief Jones states, "that Matteson School welcomes readers." Mr. Howard was also here to join in on  the reading!

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  • Southland Readers come to Matteson!


    Matteson welcomed our future Men of Matteson from Southland College Prep High School!  Mr. Marvin Tally brought 5 eager Southland students to read to our Kindergarten through Third Grade classes.  The students at Matteson were impressed seeing the high schoolers in their SCPHS blazers.  The Southland students told our students that they should have a goal to get to Southland College Prep High School and then on to college!  Thank you Mr. Tally for bringing such good role models to Matteson Elementary School!

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  • Gold Star

    We are beginning our Gold Star Student Program

    We're taking out our large box of Gold Stars and awarding one student from each class every Friday that has done above and beyond good work in the classroom.  Gold Star students do as they are asked the first time.  They help others that need help and they spread joy and happiness in our school.  This week we have our very first Golden Star Student Group!  We are very proud to have these children show examplary behavior in school!

    Gold Star

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  • Positive Behavior

    Matteson School has a Schoolwide Theme of Kindness.  Students who are identifed as demostrating positive behavior in the classroom, specials, hallway or outside will receive a Positive Office Referral.  Students will receive their Positive Referral to bring to the Office for Mr. Huelsman or Mrs. Ross to acknowledge the student and the behavior. 


    Jamal Crowder shows Respect and Kindness at Matteson

    Jamal Crowder




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