Family meeting
  • The Southland Creed

    Southland is a family, and we support each other. Every morning begins with a Family Meeting, at which all students come together and recite our creed. We support our students and they support one another, even as we challenge them and ourselves to prove the possible for our students: that our students have unlimited possibilities and unlimited potential.

  • The Southland Family



    The strong should take care of the weak

    The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow

    Anything worth doing is worth doing right

    Our responsibilities never end

    We are a family-oriented school

    Our education does not end in the classroom

    The only way to lose is to quit trying

    Learning is the key to ultimate success

    We are all here to make a difference

    The journey, not the arrival, is what matters most

    Success is not measured by wealth, but by happiness

  • We are Southland College Prep!



    We give one hundred percent every day

    We act in a way that leaves a lasting impression

    We act in a way that earns the trust of others

    We are ready and willing to work hard

    We each need to perform to the best of our abilities

    We always leave a place better than we found it

    We are role models for other students

    When all pull together, we can move mountains

    We give back to our community