• O.W. Huth Middle School

    Home of the Knights

    Vision statement:

     Building life skills for a successful future

    Mission statement:

    The mission of O.W. Huth is to instill the life skills necessary for a successful future by inspiring student learning.  Our community is built by forming meaningful relationships between families, students and school. This supportive learning environment provides students with authentic learning experiences through active engagement in the learning process focusing on critical thinking and technology skills, fine arts and extra-curricular activities.     

    Core Values:

    1. At all times, show respect to self, others, and property
    2. Demonstrating character through honesty and a positive attitude
    3. Collaborative communication between school, home, and community
    4. Cultivating the growth of students through supportive relationships
    5. In all things we are willing to own it, learn from it, and work for it