• Many of these academic support programs are funded with the ESEA Title I Grant.  All digital programs adhere to student data privacy agreements and current policies.  


    HMH Into Reading - Grades K-5

    HMH Into Reading™ is differentiated by design to offer a balanced approach to literacy instruction, support teachers in developing a culture of learning and growth, and help all learners believe in the power of "I can."


    Everyday Math 4 / ConnectEd - Grades K-5

    Children who use Everyday Mathematics develop a deeper understanding of math as well as powerful, life-long habits of mind such as perseverance, creative thinking, and the ability to express and defend their reasoning.


    Mathseeds - Grades K-3

    Mathseeds teaches kids aged 3-9 the core math and problem solving skills needed to be successful at school with fun, highly interactive and rewarding lessons.

    Mathseeds combines highly structured lessons with fun motivational elements that keep children engaged and keen to learn.

    Savvas Learning Company - Social Studies - Grades K-8

    All-new myWorld Interactive encourages students to explore their world, expand their thinking, and engage with social studies content and the C3 Framework. The curriculum is flexible and easily adapts to every classroom. Create active, responsible citizens who can make a difference now with myWorld Interactive.  

    •  Students access all Savvas curriculum by logging into their Google Suite.  

    Savvas Learning Company - Science - Grades K-8

    Interactive Science offers an engaging, hands-on learning experience for students and an easy-to-manage program for teachers. The print and digital update of Interactive Science delivers the best in classroom technology, and brings the fun back into class while building the skills students need to think like scientists and engineers.  

    •  Students access all Savvas curriculum by logging into their Google Suite.  

    Savvas Learning Company - Language Arts - Grades 6-8

    myPerspectives is a new English language arts curriculum for Grades 6–8 that values the perspective of the learner, collectively and individually, and provides next-gen learning experiences that promote higher achievement and develop the competencies needed for college and career readiness.  

    •  Students access all Savvas curriculum by logging into their Google Suite.  

    Savvas Learning Company - Mathematics - Grades 6-8

    Digits incorporates an Understanding by Design guide throughout the program, giving students a broader context for the lessons they're learning.

    •  Students access all Savvas curriculum by logging into their Google Suite.  

    Renaissance / Star 360 Skills Checks & Assessments - Grades K-8

    Know your child’s needs will be met with computer-adaptive tests (CATs) that screen students and measure progress, answering essential questions about your child’s learning needs.

    Students in grades K-8 will bake the Benchmark Assessments three times per year:  September, January, and May.  

    Renaissance myON Reader & Accelerated Reader - Grades K-8

    myON Reader gives pre-K–12 students access to thousands of enhanced digital titles—fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, and more—at a wide range of reading levels, in English and Spanish!  Students can also complete an AR Quiz after each book.  


    Renaissance myON News - Grades K-8

    myON News, powered by News-O-Matic, provides K–8 students with age-appropriate news articles. Students learn about the world around them as they develop stronger digital and media literacy skills!  

    Edmentum Study Island - Grades 3-8

    Study Island helps students master state-specific, grade-level academic standards in a fun and engaging manner. Study Island combines rigorous content that is highly customized to specific state standards in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies with interactive features and games that engage students and reinforce and reward learning achievement.