August 9, 2021


     Welcome back to school !!!

    I hope you've had a" fun"tastic summer and are ready to come back to school and LEARN!!!  I look forward to meeting all my students, some of who I already know. I am confident that you all will have a wonderful year!

    I've been busy planning lessons and activities that will challenge you to grow both academically and socially.

    You are now a member of The Illinois Middle School Team. No more cubbies, you're in Locker Territory!!

    The first day of school is Monday August 23rd. We will be following the district's shortened day schedule. 

    We will begin the year by reviewing important rules and procedures, evaluating your ELA skills, and creating a Virtual Locker to get to know each other.

    A supply list is available from my main page. If possible, please try to have as many of the supplies as you can by end of first week.

     I am really looking forward to seeing you all; and I know we will have a fantastic year of learning!!

    Parents, you can reach me my phone, email or DoJo. 

     Enjoy the remainder of your summer break, and I will see you soon!


    Mrs Daniels 6th and 8th Grade ELA

    Room 18

    (708) 747 0301 x2518