Teacher Procedures

    1. Explain

    2. Rehearse

    3. Reinforce 


    Classrrom Management

    1. Verbal Warning ( Give 3 verbal warnings)

       a. redirect the student to get back on task

       b. Stand by student's desk for positive behavior

       c. Remove student to time out in the 

    2. Conference with student

    3. Change seat in the classroom

    4.Remove to time out in classroom

    5.Removal of student to a buddy class (10-15 minutes)

    6. Continual disruption then discipline referral and administrative involvement


    Classroom rule

    1.Enter and exut classroom quietly

    2. Respect yourself and others

    3. Keep you hands to yourself

    4. Be on time and prepared with materials daily

    5. No arguing or fighting will be tolerated

    6. No cell phones allowed in the classroom

    7. No food or gum-except for teacher's designated time