Ms. Linda DeYoung



Degrees and Certifications:

Physical Education grades K-12. Adapted PE Emphasis ESL/ELL Certificate

Ms. Linda DeYoung

For E-Learning, students are expected to complete online work. Assignments are posted on my "E-Learning Assignments" tab on my school page. Keeping track of your activity daily on a spreadsheet should be done daily. Go out and take a walk or go online and experience our yoga or body weight exercises. Let's try to be as healthy as we can during this challenging time! WE CAN DO IT! All assignments have been extended 2 weeks!!!!!!

As stated above, the information for these assignments can be found in my E-Learning Assignment tab on my school page. 

The following are the codes for joining GOOGLE CLASSROOM, if you have not already joined....

7th Grade green Team:  x674hvu

8th Grade green Team:  iuv4cay

7th Grade Yellow Team:  ynih5pm

8th Grade Yellow Team:  7qnuk3l

7th Grade Red Team:  7vt23a6

8th Grade Red Team:  byjxmfv


If unable to access google classroom for any reason, please email me I have fixed any code errors.



Welcome to Huth Middle School Physical Education Department!

*This is my 12th year at Huth Middle School in the PE Department. 

*I coach Girls 8th grade Volleyball and Track.

*I am also the Huth Student Council Coordinator.

My area of expertise is fitness. I have a strong background 

in circuit training,pilates,yoga, dance and gymnastics.

We are incorporating more wellness into our PE program.

 I believe fitness should become a way of life.

It is my job to help guide your children and set goals

they can carry with them the rest of their life.

      My phone extension is (7457)

      My break time is 7:45-8:45