Degrees and Certifications:

Valesta Cobbs

August 22, 2022

Dear Illinois School Parent or Guardian:

I believe that our children’s academic achievement and their well-being must come first.  Also, I acknowledge and affirm that all scholars are capable of success and every child who attends Illinois School must have equitable access to a knowledge building, developmentally appropriate, and student-centered education.  Moreover, we must continue to educate our youth, prepare them for high school, college, and career, and empower them to be successful and productive citizens in their local and global communities. 

Three pillars outline the work I will do this year to ensure our students’ future success.  They are as follows:

Pillar 1: High standards, rigorous curriculum and powerful instruction

Illinois School in conjunction with Elementary School District 162 is raising standards and improving curriculum through a combination of effectively implementing Common Core State Standards, setting more rigorous expectations, and putting in place academic requirements that will provide children with a well-rounded education.

Pillar 2: Systems of supports that meet all students’ needs

I recognize that every scholar is unique and high expectations must be coupled with an approach that systematically supports the individual needs of every child. A greater emphasis will be placed on providing a knowledge building, safe, and nurturing learning environment, expanding social and emotional learning, using data to inform decision-making, and ensuring every student not only graduates high school but graduates ready with a postsecondary plan of development, growth, and maturity.

Pillar 3: Engaged and empowered families and communities

With parents and community members as active partners in our children’s education, there is no limit to what our children can achieve.  Every effort will be made to integrate parents, families, and the community into the education of Illinois School scholars.

The journey we will take together this year will have some sharp curves, hills, valleys, plains, as well as straight and narrow paths. I strongly believe that we will move Illinois School youth on a continuum from good to great as we work together to accelerate student knowledge, understanding, and learning and increase student academic, social, mental, and emotional growth and achievement. 

In closing, I look forward to the work we will do together to positively impact the lives of our scholars.


Valesta Cobbs

Grades 3-5 Gifted Language Arts Educator