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Huth Modified Dress Code



    Since O.W. Huth is a place of learning, it is expected that students will adhere to a modified dress code. The dress code is a positive contributing factor to our continued success as it helps to improve the school climate and allows students to focus on education.


    Upper Garments

    Upper garments will consist of white or blue (any shade) polo shirts and/or collared dress shirts. Shirts must be plain (void of writing) and hemmed at the appropriate length. Emblems may be no larger than one square inch. Shirts may be long or short sleeved. White undershirts or turtlenecks may be worn underneath, as weather requires. Plain (void of writing) black, white, or navy hoodless knit sweaters can be worn over a or white polo or collared shirt as weather requires. Students will also be permitted to wear the Huth Knights Fleece sweater.   All other fleeces (such as but not limited to North Face) will not be permitted during the school day. 


    * On Fridays only, students will be permitted to wear O.W. Huth “Spirit Wear” tops.


    Lower Garments

    Lower garments will be navy blue, black, or khaki dress slacks, shorts, skirts, or dresses.  Lower garments must fit properly (not oversized or excessively tight). More specifically, waistbands are to be fitted at the waist and pants/shorts can only flair to a safe width. All pants/shorts with belt loops must have a belt or suspenders at all times. Please note: shirts/skirts must be at least the length of your longest finger when your arm and hand are completely extended to your side. Also, denim (including black and blue jeans), stretch materials (such as but not limited to Leggings or Jeggings) or wide-pants are unacceptable school wear. 


    The following will serve as guidelines for students, parents, and staff:


    • Jackets, coats, hats, head coverings (scarves/bandanas), gloves, sunglasses, or other forms of “outer wear” are to be removed during the school day.  (Students with a note from a physician may be exempt from this guideline.)

    • Large purses and bags (including sports bags or backpacks/suitcases) that cannot fit into a locker are not permitted.

    • Chain belts, studded belts, large chain necklaces are prohibited. Rubber bands (or other elastic material) may not be used to secure/roll pants.

    • Attire (including jewelry or any other accessories) that advertises/promotes or depicts alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs, gangs, nudity, harassment, acts of violence or profanity is prohibited.

    • Male students may not wear earrings. (Band-Aids cannot be used to cover earrings.) 

    • Brief attire (including but not limited to beachwear or pajama/pajama-like clothing) is unacceptable. More specifically, tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti-strapped dresses or blouses, strapless clothing, boxer shorts are inappropriate for school.

    • Shoes must cover the entire foot (no Crocs or Slides). Shoes/laces must be the same. Only one lace can be worn per shoe.