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Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees *Bachiller en ciencias: Mención Biología y Química – Instituto de Aplicación Pedagógica *Profesor de Educación Media: Especialidad Biología y Química – Universidad Pedagógica Libertador *Farmacéutico: Mención Toxicología y Farmacología – Universidad Santa María *Especialización Farmacia: Tecnología Industrial Farmacéutica – Universidad Santa María *Maestría en Investigación y Evaluación – Universidad José María Vargas *Master in Education: Curriculum and Instruction – Iowa State University *Two semester master classes related with uses of statistical packages in Social sciences: EXCEL, SPSS, SAS, LISREL, AMOS. Iowa State University *ABD (All Bud Dissertation) in Science Education mention Learning and teaching in science Education. (102 credit over 72 necessaries to qualify to the PhD Degree). Dictated courses High school: Biology, General chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Spanish 3 College and University: General chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology. Research Methodology in Education, Development of Measuring Instruments in Social Sciences, Statistics for Social Sciences I and II, Development of Structural Models in Education, Social Science Instruction Design. Spanish for Agronomists, Spanish for Engineers. Spanish in Health Science. Tutorials: 34 Master theses in Education. Assistant: 8 dissertations as Statistics Assistant. Accreditations by the Illinois State Board of Education Endorsement as Professional Educator License in General Science, Science- Biology, Science Chemistry. Endorsement as Transitional Bilingual Education teacher in Spanish.

Mr. Hector Cardenas


I am professor Hector Cardenas and it is a honor and a pleasure to be with you this year sharing this wonderful experience of teaching-learning of Spanish language.  My teaching  is based on the conviction that students learn more efficiently if they are encouraged to be the manager of their own learning process and in which the teacher or the instructor is a guide, a facilitator: an instructional coach. 

As Spanish teacher, I must encourage my students to develop critical thinking and stimulate their creativity since both enable the students to analyze, synthesize, apply and evaluate what they have learned in different ways in a school environment focussed on him/her. On the other hand, better knowledge of those around us, especially in a multicultural context, allows the teacher and the students to broaden their vision of the world by learning about other cultures and the reasons why these differ from their own. We must not forget that each person is unique, with thier own stories, experiences, desires and expectations. The fact of being unique implies that each one has their own way of apprehending and understanding the world.