• November 2019

    Dear Matteson School District 162 Parents and Guardians,

    For the 2019-20 school year, the Illinois General Assembly passed a law that provides flexibility
    on  how to approach teaching and learning during emergency days and “snow days.” As a result,
    District 162 is planning to introduce e-Learning days this year. This innovative approach to
    learning ensures that instruction does not stop during inclement weather, and e-Learning days will
    apply to all students in grades PreK-8.

    In the past, if a snow day / emergency day was called by the District, that “instructional day” was
    added to the end of the school year. This often resulted in a lost day of student instruction. This
    process of adding a day at the end of the year cannot address the concepts and skills learned in an
    earlier term. This also extended the school year which caused scheduling conflicts for parents and
    our summer programs.

    Parents will not be expected to assume the role of teacher during e-Learning days. Our plan will
    ensure that teachers and support staff will be available to assist students with their assignments
    during the hours of a school day (9am - 2pm). The assignments for e-Learning are designed to be
    engaging and meaningful and will allow students to learn while at home.

    Students will be required to log and submit evidence of their learning experiences. Students in
    PreK (full-day only) through grade 8 will need to be engaged for 5 clock hours.  Students enrolled
    in the half-day PreK program will need to be engaged for 2.5 clock hours.  If students are unable
    to participate during the e-Learning day, accommodations will be made to assist them in making up
    the missed work.

    For additional information, please read the attached Frequently Asked Questions page. Prior to
    Christmas Break, students and teachers will discuss and practice an e-Learning lesson so students
    are aware of the e-Learning day plans.


    Dr. Blondean Y. Davis