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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Jason Christian

I am a graduate of Northern Illinois University with Education as my major and Health and Black Studies as my minors. I completed my student teaching at Cornerstone Christian Academy in Sycamore, IL. I have been an educator for the past seventeen years. This is my second year at Southland and I'm very excited to be a part of this great team of educators. I enjoy live sporting events, listening to music and coaching youth sports. I love sports and I am a huge fan of the Chicago Bears and Michigan Wolverines. 

"Sufficient sleep, exercise, healthy food, friendship and peace of mind are necessities, not luxuries." Mark Halperin


Google Classcodes are posted below, to ensure that you are in the coreect class session please check the class color code as well. The Google class banner will match with your class code. All class codes are case sensitive.


Period 1: s545ukp - Orange Banner

Period 2: etaeejy - Green Banner

Period 3: elsbwwz - Blue Banner

Period 5: 7nsnuhh - Purple Banner

Period 8: gjgk24e - Red Banner

Health Classroom Rules and Digital Expectations



Welcome to Freshman Health!   Below are some guidelines and procedures that we will follow while we are in Health. 



  1. Be in your assigned class session and logged in when it is time for class to start. Tardies will be closely monitored and marked daily in PowerSchool.
  2. Come to class prepared – binder, homework completed, something to write with, and Health text.
  3. Be respectful, courteous and considerate of yourself and others.
  4. Be mindful that all digital classes are educational interactions and ALL Southland expectations are to be adhered to.
  5. Do your work by yourself for yourself. Do not copy or allow someone to copy from your assignments.  Work that is copied will receive a zero grade and ALL participants names will be turned over to administration.
  6. All assignments should be returned in the format they were presented.
  7. Screen must be on at all times, continuous black screens or muted screens will result in parental contact and loss of daily attendance points.



Homework and assignments

  1. Homework is not assigned specifically for “homework”. If your assignment is not completed the day it is assigned – it is homework due the next day (unless the teacher has told you otherwise).  If you use classroom time efficiently you can get the assignments done during your class period.
  2. Use your assignment sheet for due dates and assignments.
  3. Assignments are due on time and completed to receive credit. If you do not get your assignments done on time, complete it and have your parent sign in the comment box of the assignment.
  4. Make-up work from absences must be completed in a timely manner. (Two days after absence) It is the student’s responsibility to get the work (all assignments will be posted in Google classroom) complete it, and then turn it in to the instructor through Google classroom.  
  5. An assignment needs to have a name (first and last name), and period – so proper credit can be given.
  6. Late assignments will be docked five points and will not be accepted after one week without parent notification.


Tests and Project Expectations

  1. Throughout the semester there we will have several unit exams. It is up to the student to study and prepare for the test.
  2. Students will receive study guide at the beginning of each unit.
  3. Study guides are to be completed and digitally returned before the exam.
  4. All exams are to be returned before the end of the class session. Unless given permission by instructor.
  5. Be mindful of all posted due dates as related to projects.
  6. All projects must be returned in the digital format requested, i.e. Google slides, Google documents and video presentation to peers.