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Mr. Bogdanowicz

Hello I am Mr. Bogdanowicz (Mr. B.)!

Science is my specialty! Science is my favorite subject (other than lunch). Why science? Science is what answers why, how, where, and what. Done by who? The answer to that is ANYONE. Science isn't a field restricted to boys or men, science isn't restricted to a racial or ethnic background, religion, or socioeconomic background. Science is a subject that through the individual opens a global community of people achieving the same visions and goals. Utilizing reading and mathematics, science is the application of figuring out how the universe operates, then using that knowledge to advance technology for the betterment of humankind.

Having written the above, the vision for 6th-8th science at Illinois School is an inquiry based classroom with a hands-on experimental approach to learning. What does all that jargon mean? I love teaching science with experiments. Students enjoy coming to science because they get to do "stuff". Therefore, I approach the subject with two directions:

1. Science is not an all truth; discussing, learning, reading, memorizing, and understanding of concepts are crucial for new knowledge to happen in science. Therefore students will be reading science material, learning vocabulary, but most importantly doing science.

2. Science is learned with failures and successes through experimenations and observations. Therefore, students will be doing experiments in class, formal and informal, observations, designing and engineering!

I am excited to be the teacher for 6th-8th science at Illinois School!

I have extensive teaching experience; this is my 18th year teaching science!

I am well educated; I have a computer engineering degree with a minor in mathematics, masters in education, and currently a doctoral candidate!


Some fun things about me:

      I have two teenage children!

      I speak fluent Polish!

      My day does not start without coffee.

      I am a foodie, and Chicago is a place that food is at the top of the list.

      I wear two different socks!

      I love to read books and manga!

      I enjoy movies and I have many TV shows on my watchlist, especially anime.

      Hockey, football, and baseball (Go Cubs) are the my favorite sports (in that order).