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  • Dr. Mays




     Greetings Illinois Family,

    I am both honored and excited to serve as Principal of Illinois School. I come to you as an experienced administrator, many of which started here in Matteson School District 162 and more importantly Illinois School. Illinois School is a Kindergarten through eighth grade elementary school that strives to involve family, community and school personnel in a team effort.  I can assure you that I genuinely share in the community's committment to caring for our children each and every day while ensuring them a global learning environment.

    I have been a district principal in Hoover Schrum for 10 years. I am the wife of Dr. Brian Mays. We are the proud parents of two adult children, Brianna and Brian Jr. Illinois School is proud of our continuing academic progress.  We have an excellent faculty providing our children with an educational experience that leads all other schools.  As a family, we are committed to preparing our children for the fast-paced world they will face in the future.  

    In closing, please note that even though I cannot greet you face to face, I am only a phone call away. 

    I look forward to see you in the near future!


    Dr. Shernita Mays

    Dr. Shernita Mays, Principal

    Mrs. Wimberly  




    As early as I can remember, I had but one mission, to help others by teaching. The only thing I wanted to do more than anything was to share what I had learned with others. I wanted to share my love for books, words and numbers with anyone who would chisel out a few minutes of their time and listen. Fortunately, in my family, there was no shortage of relatives willing to listen and learn. That’s how it all started.

    However, since then, I have spent more than twenty years as an educator teaching children on the north, west and south sides of Chicago. I am proof positive that every child can indeed learn. Every boy, every girl regardless of the personal challenges they may face is capable of learning. No child is broken. No child is incapable of learning.

    As educators, we are responsible for finding creative ways to reach even the most challenged students. We do not have the right not the option to give up on any child. We are only limited by our own vision, our own audacity. As educators, we play an incredibly important role for future generations. I want each and every student that we re-engage daily to say, “This is where I learned to love education. My teachers were committed to my personal success. They unleashed the confidence that was hidden in me. They provided me with a world-class, transformative education which impacts me today.”


    Mrs. Mable Wimberly

    Mrs. Mable Wimberly, Assistant Principal