• Welcome to the First Grade! I am very excited to begin a new school year. To follow are the expectations I have for my classroom. Let's have a great year!

    Homework Policy

    • A homework packet will be sent home each week.
    • The packet will contain all concepts that we will cover during the week.
    • Please read the front cover of each packet for directions.
    • Packets are given to the students on Friday. They can work on these concepts over the weekend and throughout the week.
    • Packets are due back to school on Thursday.
    • If a child forgets his/her packet it can be brought in on Friday.
    • If a student does not hand in a packet/complete the packet he/she will complete it at ABC time on Friday afternoon.


    ABC Time

    • ABC time is on Friday afternoon for 40 minutes before dismissal.
    • The students that have demonstrated mostly positive behavior for the week can participate.
    • Students that have eared a red on the behavior chart on any day that week will not participate.
    • Students that have not completed a homework packet will not participate.
    • Students that need to finish homework will be given that time to do so.
    • Students that have earned a red that week will be given time to reflect on ways to improve behavior.


    Behavior Chart

    • Each  student has a Behavior Chart that will come home every night in the TAKE HOME FOLDER.
    • Please review and initial this chart nightly.
    • This is the daily communication log between home and school.
    • I will check the chart each morning for notes and questions.
    • Your child is responsible for coloring in his/her color that was earned for the day.
    • If your child earned a yellow/red I will write a note as well.
    • Please ask  your child to  explain WHY he/she earned this color before coming to me.
    • Help your child to understand he/she is responsible for behaviors.

    Classroom Rules

    • Always keep hands and feet to yourself.
    • Stay quiet and listen while the teacher is talking.
    • Be kind to your classmates.


    • Your child may bring a small healthy snack each day.
    • The students know  that it is their responsibility to bring a snack from home.
    • If a student brings in an unhealthy snack choice, he/she will be allowed to eat it at lunch.
    • Please help your child make healthy choices!