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    Dads on Deck Dates

    Friday, December 1st 

    Friday, January: 19th 

    Friday, March 15th 

    Friday, May:17th


  • What is Dads On Deck (DOD)? 

    Dads on Deck is an initiative that aims to highlight the significant difference fathers and father figures make in the lives of children. 


    The mission of the Dads on Deck (DOD) is to empower students by cultivating their curiosity, nurturing their personal and developmental growth, and fostering meaningful relationships. The initiative aims to provide support by presenting exceptional dads and male figures as exemplary guides and cherished role models. 

    How can dads and male role models get involved? 

    Throughout the school year, there are multiple opportunities for involvement. It all starts by completing a survey that helps us understand your availability, interests, and areas where you may need support. Survey

    To ensure regular participation, we have designated every third Friday (bi-monthly) as a special day for Dads on Deck (DOD). Before each designated date, sign-up sheets will be sent home, allowing participants to indicate their preferences and commitments. 

    On these specific DOD days, participants will have the chance to take part in a variety of activities as indicated on the sign-up sheet. This may include welcoming students to school, offering support during breakfast and lunch recess, sharing engaging stories during reading sessions, and providing insights into career or cultural traditions. 

    By actively participating in these activities, dads and male role models can make a significant impact on the students and contribute to their overall growth and development.

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