Art Classroom Expectations

  • "You can't use up CREATIVITY.

    The more you use, the more you have,"

    - Maya Angelou

     Art Fair

    I am delighted to have your child in my class. The student artist will overcome of the fear of mistakes and live in the moment; being creative. Art is all around us. The computer you are on now was designed by an artist. The cars you ride in were designed by artists. Even the iphone was created and designed by a creative. Art is important in our world. Art is all around us and without it, the world would look very dull.

    Companies, civil service, and health care and many more organizations are seeking creative thinkers. This is why Art is in Illinois' curriculum and instruction. Creativity begins here!

    Students will participate in Art class once a week. We will explore the basic Elements of Art which are - Line, Color, Shape,Texture, Value, Form and Space. An important part of enjoying art is learning the process of appropriate school behavior. This is why Art has an expectation plan which affords every student the guidance in making good decisions about his or her behavior. This plan creates the opportunity for our students to be creative in a positive nurturing classroom environment. Here is an outline of our classroom expectations, positive rewards and consequences for inappropriate behavior.

    Classroom Expectations: Respect, Responsibility, and Safety!

    1. Respect yourself, others and the school's properties.
    2. Be responsible for helping others and following directions.
    3. Maintain a clean classroom and school.
    4. Be prepared to learn and ready for class.
    5. Safety is first, so always ask for permission to leave your seat.

    Every student receives a daily class participation grade. The art student will begin with 5 points which is equal to an "A" for that day. Points will be subtracted from their daily grade for choosing inappropriate behavior. All of the class participation grades will be averaged with the art assignments for the final grade.

    Consequences for the day:

    1st Offense:  Warning and conference with the student.

                          (-1 point from participation grade = B)

    2nd Offense: 20 minutes removal from the group and a conference with the student.

                          (-1 point = C)      

    3rd Offense:  Phone call or a note home to the parent/guardian for signature and or a detention.

                             (-1 point = D)

    4th Offense:  Behavior write up and a phone call home from an administrator.

                           A WHITE TICKET may be given and a parent/guardian signature page will be required.


    "Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein