Art Classroom Expectations

  • "Art is not what you see,

    but what you make others see." -- Edgar Degas


    Welcome to Mrs. Jackson’s Art Studio. I am delighted to have your child in my studio! This is going to be another fantastic year full of creative learning and fun. Students will participate in Art once a week.


    We will explore the basic Elements of Art - color, shape, form, line, texture and composition. An important part of enjoying art is learning the appropriate art behaviors and expectations. An expectation plan has been developed which provides every student with guidance on making good decisions about his or her behavior. This plan creates the opportunity for our students to learn in a positive, nurturing environment. The plan below outlines the expectations that are taught in Art.


    Art Expectations: Be Kind! Engaged! Accepting! Respectful! Safe!

    1. Be KIND by maintaining an orderly learning environment.

    2. Be ENGAGED by following the directions given in Art.

    3. ACCEPTING your talents and others' abilities.

    4. Be RESPECTFUL by being prepared and ready to learn.

    5. Be SAFE with all of the art supplies.


    Students will receive praise, positive notes, rewards, and phone calls home in recognition of choosing the appropriate behaviors in Art. 



    Grades will be given upon completion of art assignments. These assignments will be evaluated by skills such as following directions, authenticity, craftsmanship and completing assignments. It is pertinent that each student turns in all of their assignments on time.


    Mrs. Jackson's Art Supplies

    • Students will use the supplies provided in the studio.

    • Occasionally, a specific item may be requested from home… ie an egg carton.

    • Please feel free to purchase personal supplies for your child’s creative needs.


    Together we can assure your child to have a rewarding experience in Art. Please discuss these expectations with your child. If you have questions, please feel free to email me or send a comment through Google Classroom. Thank you for your support and cooperation.


    Jori Bell Jackson