• Classroom Behavior and Expectations  


    • All band students’ behavior must meet all building and district requirements during all band activities.  
    • All students will adhere to school rules during performances and field trips. Any adult present with the band during trips should be treated as the director and students shall follow their instructions without question.  
    • Failure to comply with these regulations will result in removal from the band program as well as any discipline from school administration as deemed necessary. 



    • All band students are expected to be in attendance on the appropriate days with all necessary materials.  
    • After assembling their respective instruments, students are to sit in the assigned seats and read the board for instruction on the first activity.  
    • They are to remain quiet and in ready position until the instructor states otherwise.  
    • This is the start of proper rehearsal etiquette and will enable more music learning when all students comply.  


    Upon dismissal from band,  

    • Students will disassemble their instrument as instructed and line up. 


    On after school rehearsals,  

    • Students will go to their designated area for departure.   


    Any student consistently antagonist to the above stated items will be removed from band at Indiana School. 


    Punctuality for rehearsals, concerts, and field trips is also vey important. We are often on a strict itinerary and cannot deviate from it. The general rule to follow is “to be on time is to be late”. The director will be here at least fifteen minutes before the call time to receive students.