• Wear appropriate clothing working
    • Mute your microphone unless called on to speak
    • Only one student should talk at a time
    • Keep your video on (unless directed by teacher to turn it off)
    • Pay attention
    • Stay in one spot
    • Look into the camera when talking
    • Complete your assignments at a workspace designated  for school
    • Free from distractions so you can focus



    • Arrive to class on time and ready to learn
    • Be prepared for the class daily
    • Follow directions the first time given
    • Complete and turn in all assignments on time
    • Always put forth your best effort
    • Respect others and their propo erty
    • Raise your had for permission to speak or leave your seat
    • Work quietly and do not disturb others
    • Do not kick or hit anyone



    MORNING ROUTINE:Remote Learning: Students are to log on Google Meets at 7:45am prepared and ready to learn. Students are expected to complete the daily bellwork and question of the day assignments no later than 8:15am.   

    CHROMEBOOKS: Students are expected to take good care of their chromebooks. Avoid eating and drinking when using it. Laptops should be placed in a safe location at home when it's not being used. Sharing of personal account information or codes is not permitted. 

    CLASSWORK: Class assignments are posted in Google Classroom each day. Assignments must be completed and turned in on time. If additional time is needed to get the assignment done, please don't hesitate to ask your teacher. 

    HOMEWORK: Homework is given on Monday through Thursday normally,  unless assigned a special project to complete. Students are expected to write all homework assignments and due dates in their daily planners. It will also be posted in Google Classroom. Homework must be turned in by 8:00am the following day in order to receive full credit. Homework is a participation grade that is counted towards final grades.

    DISMISSAL: Students are dismissed by Mrs, Cooper at 2pm on Monday -Thursday, and at 1:25pm on Friday.


    Throughout the school year, students will be expected to select and read AR books. Renaissance myON Reader provides students with a variety of digital books that can be accessed from home. Students are encouraged to select books from a differemt of genres (i.e. realistic fiction, historical fiction, nonfiction). 

    Parents, please encourage your child to read at home daily for at least 20 minutes.  Thank You!