• Schoolwide Rules:
      We follow the PBIS behavior matrix as a school and use PACK as an acronym to remember. This stands for:

      P- Pride in Self and School

      A- Act Safely and Responsibly

      C- Committed to Excellence

      K- Kindness


      Classroom Rules

      1. Follow directions quickly
      2. Raise your hand for permission to speak
      3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
      4. Make smart choices
      5. Make our dear team stronger
      6. Diamond Rule- Keep your eyes on the target


      • Verbal Praise
      • Positive Dojo point(s), Wolf bucks
      • Positive parent contact
      • Incentives (stickers, treasure box, desk pets, etc)
      • Marbles and "Students vs Teacher" (class rewards)
      • "Fun Fridays"


      1. Verbal warning
      2. Loss of privilege or temporary separation from the group (dependent on rule broken)
      3. Parent Contact
      4. Office referral