1.  Respect yourself and others.

    2. Follow directions

    3. Have self control

    4.  Enter the room quietly and go directly to your seat

    5.  Always raise your hand

    6.  Always do your best





    Entering the Classroom - Students must enter the classroom silently.  Upon entering, unpack your bookbag(make sure bookbag is empty), put your things on your desk and put your bookbag on your designated hook in the cubbies.  Your hook is based on your classroom number.  When you return to the classroom, put your things away in your desk, turn in your homework and begin your morning work.

    Attendance and Lunch Count -  Miss Chand will take attendance and lunch count first thing in the morning.  The "Wildcat" of the Day will take the lunch and breakfast counts to the cafeteria and office.

    Pencil Sharpening - Pencils will be sharpened and put in "sharpened pencils" container.  When a sharpened pencil is needed, students must place an unsharpened pencil in the container to replace the sharpened one.  It's called a Pencil Exchange. :)


    Emergency Drills - Please line up quickly and quietly during any/all emergency drills.  Follow the teacher's directions completely during any drills!

    Bathroom Break - The class will take two bathroom breaks per day.  Students should always take a book to read during bathroom breaks.  If you need to use the restroom during classroom instruction, simply raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged by the teacher before leaving the classroom.  Students can only leave with a signed bathroom pass.

    Exiting Classroom and Lining Up - Students must line up in number order at all times.  When exiting the classroom, wait for Miss Chand to call your table. Line up against the cabinet doors facin the front fo the room in number order.  Students must face forward, having shirts tucked and stand silently in line until given the signal to pass out of the classroom.

    Walking in the Hallway - Students are to walk silently on the right side of the hallway on the second (full)tile.  Students should not bring writing utensils to the hallway.  Students' hands should be at their side.  There should be no running, skipping or hopping in the hallway.  Students are to walk silently in the hall at all times.

    Classroom Computer Use - Students will be allowed to use the classroom computers based on a schedule or on an as-need basis.  Students will be given further instructions on Computer use.

    Homework and Assignment Notebooks - Homework will be given daily. Homework assignments should be written in assignment notebook every day.  Miss Chand will write homework assignments on the back whiteboard for you to copy in your Assignment Notebook.  Assignment Notebook must be signed by a parent every night to ensure that your parent aware of your day's assignments.  Miss Chand will check the parent signatures daily.

    Getting Teacher's Attention - If you need to get the teacher's attention,, simply raise your hand and wait to be called upon.  If you need a tissue for any reason, please raise your right hand and cover your nose with your left.   Wait to be called on by the teacher.

    Teacher getting your attention - "Give me Five"  Miss Chand will raise her hand and count down with her fingers silently.  When you notice a hand raised, be quiet and raise your hand silently as well.

    Dismissal - Classroom instruction will end at 2:00 p.m. daily to allow enough time to pack up.  At dismissal, students will be called by table to go out to the hall and get their belongings.  Once in the classroom, students will pack their things, place their