Degrees and Certifications:

BFA Art Education BFA Photography K-12 Art Education Teaching Certification -Illinois -Michigan

Ms. Rachel Resterhouse

"There is always a platypus" 


Rachel Resterhouse age 3





    Rachel Resterhouse received her two bachelor's degrees ( BFA Art Education; BFA Photography ) with honors from Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2020. While attending, Resterhouse involved herself with school organizations such as 'KCAD Photography Association' and 'Kendall Art Education Student Association". She currently holds memberships with the Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Society for Photographic Education, KCAD Photography Alumn, and Chicago Community Darkroom. 

    Resterhouse picked up a camera at a very young age. It may have been a toy at first, but that quickly changed into snagging her mom's Olympus digital camera from time to time. Later down the road she purchased her own camera and began her photographic journey. At this point in her life, Resterhouse loved capturing images but never thought of it as a career. She knew she wanted to be a teacher. It wasn't until reconnecting with her elementary school art teacher that the idea of combining her love for art and education came to fruition. The art teacher, Mrs. Sturr , recommended KCAD and it's Art Education program. Originally the plan was to minor in photography, but the more time Resterhouse spent in the campus darkroom, the more her passion for the medium grew. At the end of her sophomore year, Resterhouse additionally enrolled herself as a photography student.


    "It's the best of both worlds for me!"

    "My dream job is teaching darkroom photography."

    - Rachel Resterhouse


    Resterhouse believes in order for a student to achieve success, there must be a mutual understanding of respect. Respect that is given from both the student and the teacher multiplies into a secure and safe learning environment. Students in her class explore various mediums of art, ' out of the box ' problem solving, creative expression, and the connections between art and the world we live in. Above all, Resterhouse believes in giving the opportunity to learn from mistakes. This specifically relates to grading art techniques and application in projects. Students are given the ability to make appropriate corrections to their work after receiving grade/feedback. When corrections are made, additional points are calculated in the final score of the project. 


    " Not everyone has a 'magic hand', I don't even have one! I studied studio art for 6 years to get where I am today when it comes to drawing." 

    "Like any skill, art takes practice. With practice, comes mistakes."

    -Rachel Resterhouse


    Outside of school, Resterhouse describes her free time spent capturing film photographs, taking apart vintage cameras, painting, cuddling her two cats, or enjoying a nice cup of coffee.