Transportation Policies

  • The District buses students that live more than ¾ of a mile from their assigned school or students who are required to cross a hazardous route as defined by the Illinois Department of Transportation.  Students that live closer than ¾ of a mile to their assigned school and students that do not need to cross a hazardous route to get to school must walk or be transported on their own. 

    Parents and Guardians of special education students that require special transportation due to a disability should contact their child’s case manager to determine if special transportation is appropriate.

    All bus stops, except for Pre-K student and students with transportation as a related service on their I.E.P., are at centralized corners, not in front of individual homes in order to make transportation as efficient as possible.  Drivers do not have the ability to watch students walk to their home to see that they get in the door.  All students should know where to go in case of an emergency, if school is dismissed early, or when they disembark from the bus. Students are the responsibility of the parent/guardian when they disembark from the bus after school, and the District is not in the legal position to assume additional responsibility.

    Special education students that have transportation as a related service on their I.E.P. and Pre-K students assigned to Richton Square School are picked up and dropped off in front of their home where an adult must be present at drop-off. Pre-K students and students with an I.E.P. who live on a cul-de-sac or road with no outlet may be assigned an alternative stop.

    Parents and Guardians are allowed to change a pick-up or drop-off location that is close to a daycare or babysitter.  However, that location must be the same each day and cannot alternate from day-to-day during the week for safety reasons.  Any changes to transportation stops must be made in writing by completing the Transportation Change Form at your child’s school and submitting a one-time fee of $25. Parents and Guardians should allow a minimum of five days for changes to be implemented.

    Transportation for students at the intermediate and middle schools will be scheduled for selected after-school activities and can be arranged by the building administrator under certain circumstances. Buses stop at predetermined locations in each village, not at the child’s regular daily bus stop.

    Questions related to transportation should be directed to the Transportation Supervisor at 708-748-1010, extension 4120.