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    Kindergarten “Everything You Should Know”

    • Kindergarten is a full day program, 7:45am-2:15pm
    • Students have the option to eat breakfast and lunch.
    • Students will attend specials including: Physical Education, Music, Art, Library & Technology
    • Reading
      •  Letters
      •  Letter Sounds
      •  Sight Words
    • Phonemic Awareness (isolating beginning, middle, & ending sounds, syllable count, rhyming, breaking words apart and putting them back together, etc.)
    • Writing sentences with proper capitalization, punctuation, phonetic spelling for unknown words (example: block = blok, candy = candee)
    • Math Curriculum is Everyday Mathematics
      • Counting by ones, fives, & tens
      • Counting objects with 1:1 correspondence
      • Comparing 2D & 3D shapes
    • Subitizing – looking at a group of objects and telling you how many without counting
      • Adding & subtracting fluently to 5
    • Solving simple addition & subtraction words stories and number problems to 10 with use of taught strategies


    What You Can Do to Help Prepare Your Child

    Self Help

    • Ensure they can answer the following questions:
      • What’s your name? (first & last)
      • How old are you?
    • Unzipping & zipping their backpacks
    • Pulling up & down their own pants
    • Taking care of their own toileting needs
    • Tying their shoes
    • Identifying their name
    • Cleaning up after themselves (toys, snack, lunch)
    • Practice writing their first name
    • Knowing how to use a glue stick correctly (pulling off the top, twisting it up, how to spread glue, lowering the glue, putting cap back on)
    • Scissors skills: practice cutting at home

    Social Skills

    • Use words to solve problems or conflicts
    • Use words such as please and thank you, and excuse me
    • Following tasks through completion
    • Interacting appropriately with peers and adults
    • Able to share and take turns

    Motor Skills

    • Able to put puzzles together
    • Cut with scissors
    • Hold pencil with three-point grip
    • Build with blocks
    • Attempts to tie shoes
    • Run, jump and climb outdoors


    • Recognize rhyming words
    • Recognize upper and lower case letters
    • Recognize sounds
    • Describes characters' feelings from a story


    • Writing, scribbling, or being able to draw
    • Asks to write or spell words
    • Recognize and/or write names.