Parent Resource Library

  • Parent Resources:

    Information for parents on topics such as early childhood special education, conflict resolution, disabilities, and special education resources and supports including links to the document A Parent's Guide - The Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities in English and Spanish.


    Parent Handbook Record Keeper:

    This booklet is for parents to use to keep important information about their child and his/her special education and related services. It is a companion to A Parent’s Guide - Educational Rights and Responsibilities: Understanding Special Education in Illinois.


    Child Find:

    Each school district is responsible for actively locating, identifying and evaluating all children who live within the district boundaries who may qualify to receive special ed­ucation and/or related services.


    Early Childhood Resources:

    Parents of preschool children who need, or are thought to need, special education and relat­ed services have the same rights as other school-age chil­dren. Special education and related services must begin on the child’s third (3rd) birthday for children served in an early intervention program or for those children referred for an evaluation 60 school days before their third birth­day and found eligible.


    Special Education Definitions:

    Please see the attached document to learn more about Special Education Terms and Definitions here.