Staff and Contact Information

  • Deborah Duskey, Chief Specialized Services Officer

    Phone:  708-748-0100 x4117


    Deborah Duskey has over 20 years experience as a special education administrator. She holds a master’s degree in special education and master’s degree in education administration. She had been a teacher and a teacher leader for many years prior to leaving the classroom to pursue a career in administration. Prior to joining the Matteson 162 family Mrs. Duskey served as principal of an elementary and a high school in the Chicago Public Schools before being appointed their Chief Specialized Services Officer.   As  Director in Matteson 162  Mrs. Duskey is responsible for a variety of district initiatives including all aspects of the district’s special education instruction programs and services, as well as  clinical support for students provided by nurses, school psychologists, social workers and speech pathologists. One of her most recent projects includes implementation of a federally funded grant to improve the social emotional development of students prekindergarten through 12th grade.  

    Jaimie Goodley, Director of Special Education

    Phone: 708-748-0100 x 4212


    Ms. Goodley currently holds a Masters in School Psychology and Educational Administration as well as Director of Special Education licensure and has spent more than 20 years as a School Psychologist, Case Manager, and Special Education Administrator in this district. Working in collaboration with the special education department team, Ms. Goodley is primarily responsible for supervising and managing social-emotional learning initiatives. She also assists the district in maintaining compliance with federal and state special education regulations including the process of identification of students with disabilities. 

    Rebecca Akridge-Dixon, Assistant Director of Special Education

    Phone:  708-748-0100 x4171


    Rebecca Akridge-Dixon has spent over 20 years in Special Education as a teacher, School Psychologist, and Special Education Administrator.  Ms. Akridge-Dixon holds Masters' degrees in School Psychology and Educational Leadership and currently holds a Director of Special Education licensure.  In conjunction with the Special Education team she provides administrative support for students who are placed out of district.  Ms. Akridge-Dixon is also the appointed district coordinator for  McKinney-Vento, which provides assistance to families in temporary housing situations. 

    Sheloanda Porche-Box, Assistant Director of Special Education

    Phone:  708-748-0100 x4121


    Sheloanda Porche-Box has been an administrator in Matteson School District 162 since 2014.  Prior to that she served more than 20 years as a special education teacher and case manager at several schools within the district.  Mrs. Porche-Box holds a Master’s degree in Special Education and holds a current Illinois State Board of Education license as a Director of Special Education.  In conjunction with the Special Education team, she is primarily responsible for supervision of instructional support services for students with disabilities to maximize their learning potential in the least restrictive environment.  Mrs. Porsche-Box also supports preschool and early childhood special education programs for the district.