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Remote Learning -How to Log in Chrome Book

  • Using my Chromebook

    1. Open up your Chromebook and plug it in to charge it first using the power cable provided

    2. Press the power button located in the top right-hand corner of the keyboard if your Chromebook does not power on  Automatically

    3. In your computer's Wi-Fi settings, search for the Wi-Fi that matches your wireless SSID on your home network  Select the matching SSID and hit Connect 6. Enter your wireless Password (Security Key). Ask your parents if you do not know it.

    4. Logging in – Your Chromebook should have your username already configured for you. For reference is your StudentID Number @ SD162.ORG. For example, mine could be 8.

    5.Enter in your password, which is your Student ID Number followed by the word google in lower case. For example, my password would be 2246917google 9. If you do not know your password or forget it, please contact your teacher, your school or you can email 10.

    6.Once logged in follow instruction from your teacher. Launch the Google Classroom App from the dock at the bottom of the screen and look for very important information from your teacher within Google Classroom. 11. Other Apps are installed as requested by your teacher.

    **If there are any other technical issues, please contact Huth Middle School at 708-748