Mock Trial Team 2019-20

8th Period

  • Trial Advocacy & Mock Trial Team

    Season 2019-20 Team Video:

    Mock Trial Video

    This course provides training in trial advocacy skills for each stage of trial. Areas covered include: ethics, psychology of persuasion, opening statement, direct examination, exhibits, objections, cross‑examination, and closing argument. Students learn to validate and analyze evidence with an eye on developing a trial strategy as well as incorporating the evidence into persuasive, oral argument. This course pays particular attention to the Federal Rules of Evidence that govern admission of evidence at trial. The rules of conduct that govern the American trial system are explored, as are the various strategies of oral argument most commonly used in legal practice.  Throughout the year, both civil and criminal cases of the last century will be analyzed, as will the most celebrated attorneys of our time.  Mock trial competition will be a large portion of this course, and students will learn to think on their feet.

    The teaching methods will include lecture, demonstration, discussion, simulation, instructor/student critique, and video critique. The final exam will be a trial.