• Mrs. Spalla's Preschool Classroom

    Posted by Roberta Spalla on 8/31/2020

    Happy School Year!

    I  am proud to be your child's teacher this school year.  Despite the fact that we,  for now are not in person, we are still going to have fun learning just in new and different ways.  First through the computer platform.  Google Classroom and Zoom will be our gathering place for activities and circle time and I hope you join me whenever possible.


    I will have Google Classroom information and a Phone number for you so that we can  communicate problems, questions or and other issues as they arise.

    Please know that I will do my very best to support you and your student through this learning process.


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  • Outdoor Video 2 Look and see!

    Posted by Roberta Spalla on 4/3/2020
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  • Outdoor Video !

    Posted by Roberta Spalla on 3/24/2020
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  • Lets Get Moving!

    Posted by Roberta Spalla on 3/23/2020 10:00:00 AM

    Let's keep healthy and fit during our time away from each other.  There are many things we can do to have a fun time and exercise our brains and bodies while we wait to come back to class.

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  • Brain Gym Posters

    Posted by Roberta Spalla on 3/23/2020
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  • Jack Hartmann

    Posted by Roberta Spalla on 3/23/2020

    Jack Hartmann is a wonderfull educator, singer, and activity specialist who has created many videos that our students love to sing and dance to.  They are silly, fun, and interactive in many ways.  Try one an you'll see!



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  • Jack Hartmann Penguin Song Brain Break

    Posted by Roberta Spalla on 3/23/2020
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  • Crayon Activities for the year

    Celebrate National Crayon Day by trying one of 52 different activities that  involve crayons.  Have your student create a menu for dinner, draw what they see on a walk outside, or draw a picture of the family.  These activities will  help with creative thinking, fine motor skills and enjoyment with crayons.


    Remote Learning Adventure Binders - Activities for the month of March - Ready for Pick up and than you to the families who have done so already.


    Magic Boxes -  Filled with Scissors, Crayons, Glue Sticks, Playdough, Counting Sticks, Pipecleaner needle for threading foam beads etc., Highlighter, Dry Erase Marker, and a Pencil.

    Ziploc Bag of Other Goodies - Enclosed you will see the Pipecleaner counting stick with 20 beads, a new glue stick, Bunny puppet, popscicle stick, Rubber Die for rolling and counting, 20 puzzle pieces in a bag for use with the 20 frame.

    Complete the following activities on your own:

    Sing a Song

    Cook with Mom or Dad

    Match some Socks

    Compare shoe sizes

    Have a Dance Party

    Try Go Noodle

    Try Cosmic Kids Yoga

    Tell me about your adventures in small group or after circle time.