• Supplies:

    Pens and Pencils (blue or black only)             1 Composition notebook                    Folder with pockets

    2 Spiral Notebooks                                          Loose leaf paper (wide rule)


    Classroom Rules:

    1. Follow all directions the first time they are given.
    2. Be on time and prepared for class.
    3. Keep cell phones in lockers.
    4. Keep hands, feet, and belongings to yourself.
    5. Be respectful to all adults, classmates, and materials.
    6. Raise your hand before you speak or get out of your seat.

    All rules in the district handbook will be enforced: dress code, fighting, etc…



    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Loss of Class Dojo Point (Which includes Parent Notice)
    3. Seat Moved to Independent Activity and loss of Dojo Points
    4. Time-Out to Alternate Classroom and loss of Dojo Points
    5. Lunch Detention and loss of Dojo Points
    6. Time-Out to Laird and a phone call home and loss of Dojo Points
    7. After School Detention and loss of Dojo Points 
    8. Office Write-Up



    1. Students are expected to be prepared for class and to have ALL required materials in class EVERY This means all materials listed above for every class. (writing utensil)
    2. Students are expected to spend class time engaged in learning activities. Interruptions and disruptions of these activities or lack of participation will not be tolerated.
    3. Students are expected to display appropriate respect toward each other, school personnel and property.
    4. Students are expected to follow ALL Classroom Procedures each day!

    Entry Procedure:

    1. Quietly go directly to his/her assigned seat.
    2. Put all “non” subject books or class work away.
    3. Turn in any class homework in designated area.
    4. Read the board for the day’s lesson/instructions.
    5. Wait silently for the lesson to begin


    Language Arts is broken down into two disciplines, reading and writing. The following is a very brief overview:


    The reading curriculum will consist of the literature text, independent readings, novels, and essays.

    1. Assessments, daily assignments, book reports, reading logs, Independent Novel Studies, etc. will be assigned throughout the year. Point values for each will be announced beforehand.




    1. The writing curriculum will consist of the text, a workbook, writing assignments/essays, and journal writing.


    Grading Policies:

    The grading scale for Academic grades is as follows:


    93%-100% = A

    87%-92%   = B

    78%-86% = C

    70%-77% = D

    69% or below = F


    1. A student’s average will be computed using test/project (35%), classwork (25%), quizzes (25%), participation (10%), and homework (5%).


    1. Assessments, daily assignments, essays, etc. will be assigned throughout the year. Point values for each will be announced beforehand.