READ 180/System 44


    TEACHER: Karen Hopkins                                    PHONE:  708-748-8105​  

    ROOM: 215                                                               ​              E-MAIL:​  ​ khopkins@scphs.org​ Periods: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9



    This is a full year, 1-credit course required for graduation . READ 180 is a class designed for students who want to improve and increase their reading ability.  The program is called READ 180/System 44 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/Scholastic.  The READ 180 program is designed to meet the individual needs in improving reading and writing skills. In addition, students will learn a variety of strategies for both reading and writing.





    1. COURSE GOALS: Reading and Writing
      1. Recognizing Main Ideas and Details
      2. Sequence of Events C. Story Elements
      3. Summarizing Texts
      4. Recognizing Problems and Solutions
      5. Recognizing Cause and Effect
      6. Compare and Contrast
      7. Making Inferences
      8. Citing and Locating Text Evidence in verbal and written form
      9. Writing Narrative, Expository, Descriptive, Literary, and Persuasive Text.


    Common Core States Standards:[RF.1.3, RF.2.3, RF.3.3, RF.4.3, RF.5.3; RI.9-10.2]



    READ 180 is a class designed to help struggling readers become more successful in reading and writing. Many students may find this course very beneficial in improving reading strategies by improving reading comprehension and their ability to write strategically for college readiness tasked with reading. Failure is not an acceptable result in this class. ALL students will be able to PASS with a lot of dedication and hard work. This class is counted as an English credited course. Students will be responsible for learning  how to debate persuasive topics and cite evidence for their research.


      1. Daily Learning Activities: Do-Now Assignments
      2. Pre and Post Testing (written assessment)
      3. Written Assignments
      4. Daily Class Participation-Virtual and In Class (when warranted)
      5. Novels for Independent Reading Rotations




    1. Grades are based on the Scholastic 180/System 44 blended learning model.

    Grades are divided into 5 patriots, each containing 20% to the overall grade.

    • Small\Large Group Assignments: (20% of grade)-These activities include Do-Now’s, ReaL Book activities, and Small\Large Group assignments (including quizzes)


    • Scholastic READ 180/System 44 Software (20% of grade)- This grade consists of all assignments in the instructional software which is the heart of the READ 180 program. This computer program individualizes assignments for each student after they sign-in. This grade also assesses each student’s oral fluency.


    • Independent /Modeled Reading (20% of grade)- This grade consists of five accountability exercises that must be completed with each novel read by each student.


    • Reading logs and Reading Counts quizzes will be given after each book is completed along with Qwik Writes and Graphic Organizers to assess the reading comprehension of all students.


    • Writing and Projects (20% of grade)- This grade will include ALL ReaL and rBook workbook assignments and projects.


    • Final Exam (20 of grade)- Students will take READ 180 and System 44 skills tests. A final grade will also be included in Final Projects during each semester




    1. Grading Scale


    Grad e





    Exceeds Expectations; Independent learner; superior work; all work completed on time at an exceptional level of quality and effort;  



    Meets Expectations; Semi-independent learner; above average work; all work completed on time; did quality work with a few flaws; 



    Passing but does not meet some standards; Dependent learner; average work; most completed on time showing average effort; 



    Passing but only meets minimum standards; Dependent learner; average work; most completed on time showing average effort; 



    Failing, does not meet minimum standards; Failure; does not meet standards or expectations;

    1. Components of the Grade

    The following scale will determine grades:

    • 40% of total quarter grade is for Class Assignments
    • 40% of total quarter grade is for Class Assessments (Quizzes/Tests) 20% of total quarter grade is for Final Exams


    1. Calculation of Semester Grade

                                                                           1st quarter grade                       40% 

                                                                            2nd quarter grade                     40%

                                                                            Semester Exam                       20%   

    Final Semester Grade 100%


    1. Re-Do Policy
    1. Students will be given an opportunity to redo major course projects and quizzes to meet standards.  The student must show that effort has been made to improve.  The redo opportunity will be rescinded if a student does not show effort or abused redo opportunities.
    2. If a student chooses to redo an assignment or quiz, the highest grade will be given. Deadlines will be given for redo work.  If the student does not meet the redo deadline, the opportunity will be rescinded.


    2. Materials: Each student must bring the following to class daily:
      1. Textbook
      2. Pen and pencil
      3. Folder
      4. Highlighters
      5. Personal Headphones with microphone (during virtual learning)




    1. Daily Expectations


    1. ALL students will be expected to join Google Meets Class 5 minutes prior to Start of class for attendance (will be taken the first 5 minutes of class (tardies will be given, if late)


    1. ALL students will be expected to be dressed in a Southland shirt for class each day.


    1. When students are in class, Please pay attention to the teacher. Follow ALL classroom directions.
    2. ALL students will be expected to enter an “Exit-slip” after each class each day.


    1. Make-Up Work Policy
      1. Students will be given the opportunity to make up ALL assignments in class.
      2. Students who miss 2 or more assignments or 1 quiz will not be counted against  the student’s grade.
      3. Students will be given 2 extra days to turn in missing assignments without penalty. After 2 days 1 point will be taken from the late or missing assignment.
    2. ALL work will be graded in a timely fashion, preferably 1 week after each

    assignment has been turned in.

    1. Academic Dishonesty

    All students’ assignments will be scanned for plagiarism after it is submitted to the teacher.

    Students are not to copy the work of another classmate with the hopes of receiving a passing grade.  This matter will be shared with the principal for further review of the actions of all students.


    1. Extra Help

       Students will have the opportunity to set up office hours with their teacher to get extra assistance in READ 180.  Office hours will convene at the teacher's discretion. Each session will last for 30 minutes per day if needed.


      1. Teacher Creed
        1. As your teacher, I will not tolerate any student in this classroom stopping me from teaching for any reason whatsoever.
        2. As your teacher, I will not tolerate any student in this classroom stopping another student from learning for any reason whatsoever.
        3. As your teacher, I will not tolerate any student in this classroom doing anything that is not in the best interest of this class or in your best interest.
      2. Classroom Rules/Consequences

    In order to maintain a positive, safe and effective teaching and learning

    environment, it is necessary to have expectations for behavior and conduct for teachers and students.

    1, We must Respect each other online and in the classrooms

    1. No use of Profanity or racial slurs
    2. No name calling or put downs
    3. Do not interrupt the speaker or talk out of turn online or in the classroom
    4. Do not laugh at others’ remarks
    5. Everyone will raise their hands/type in the chat room to be called on
    6. Come to class prepared everyday online or in class









    Strong parent-teacher communication is key to student success in the classroom. This syllabus (outlining course requirements and student behavior) is sent home to give a clear view of the expectations and responsibilities in class. Progress and grade reports are sent home and parents are also contacted by phone, email, or letter when necessary. You may reach me by phone before or after school at 708-748-8105 or by email:






    1. And Lastly……..

    As I try to maintain a safe and organized learning platform for ALL of the students along with encouraging student engagement during this school year, I can assure you that READ 180 is a fun and productive class. The best way to have fun in this class is to STAY ENGAGED: Ask questions, try difficult tasks, share your opinions, write what interests you, and make connections with others.  I am looking forward to a GREAT School Year 2020-2021.


    Parents feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have and I will do my best to contact you as soon as I am available. Let's have a successful school year everyone.







































    Please sign and return the attached sheet to Ms. Hopkins by September 4, 2020 to indicate that you have received and read the syllabus/rules for READ 180



    Ms. Hopkins READ 180



    Student Name (print)___________________________________________________________


    I have read the READ 180 Course Syllabus and Rules and understand the expectations, requirements and behavioral consequences for this class.








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