• I have high expectations for my students as I am confident in their ability to succeed and flourish in life. I look forward to working with my students and their families to ensure that all students meet their full potential this year and beyond. Let's soar together! Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with our classroom's expectations:


    1. Be prompt: I can only teach those who are present for the lessons. I completely understand that absences occur due to life's circumstances, but it is imperative that make-up work is completed and returned promptly.

    2. Be polite: Respect yourself, your classroom, your teachers, your peers, and your school. 

    3. Be prepared: Come to class with the required materials, listening ears, and an open mind ready to learn and grow.

    4. Be productive: Stay on task, work hard, and always ask questions. 

    5. Be positive: Negativity only brings everyone down.