• Bienvenidos a la Clase De Español De Mrs. Campos!



    Class Objective:

    This class will enable our student with the understanding and application of the Spanish language and the various cultures of the people who speak Spanish in the world. Our approach will be communicative and we will be using the four areas of effective communication: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The ability to speak another language opens opportunities for our student, as well as increases the ability to a broader way of thinking. I hope this wonderful experience for your child in learning the language and experiencing a window to a new world will make our student a more well-rounded and successful individual. 


    Please ensure that your student has the following materials for class everyday:

    • 4 pencils
    • 4 pens
    • Spiral notebook
    • Spanish-English Dictionary
    • Index Cards
    • 4 highlighters

    Classroom Rules:

    • Give 100 per cent.
    • Telephone should not be vissible at any time during class. Telephone shold not be on.
    • Be punctual
    • Use inside voices 
    • Respect adults and others.
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    • Follow directions quickly and the first time given.
    • Use appropriate tone and language.
    • Practice active listening.
    • Begin work promptly.
    • Raise your hand, and wait quietly for help.
    • Actively participate by volunteering, asking and answering questions.
    • Be truthful and honest.
    • Complete your work and turn it in or submit it.
    • Treat others with dignity and respect.
    • Cooperate with others.
    • Welcome and include others.
    • Address peers by name.
    • Speak with good intent.
    • Write proper heading on every assignment
      • Name
      • Date
      • Homeroom Teacher Name
      • Period
      • Grade Level
      • Activity name and/or Page Number
    • Line up in a respectful manner to exit classroom
    • Listen quietly to class or directions
    • Work quietly
    • Remain on your seat at all times; unless you are called to the board.
    • Ask questions if you don’t understand the work or class.




    When you are absent, check  google classroom for missing assignments.  If  the assignment was a handout in class, you will be given an additional day to complete the assignment. You must let me know you need the assignment.