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    Classroom Live Meeting Schedule

    The following schedude will begin on Monday April 5th

    3rd Grade Gifted Math:  Mondays at 11:00 AM

    4th Grade Gifted Math: Tuesdays at 11:00 AM

    5th Grade Gifted Math: Wednesdays at 11:00 AM

    Weekly All Grade Check In: Friday at 11:00 AM

    (attendance for the check in is not required.  If you have any questions, I will be live to assist you)

    4th Grade Full Schedule

    5th Grade Full Schedule


    Google Classroom

    Beginning the week of March 31st, our E-Learning is moving to Google Classroom. Materials and resources will be posted here to continue keeping students engaged and learning during the school closure period.  Please have students log-in to their school google accounts and join the appropriate classes for all classes including science and social studies.  Gifted math students may use the codes listed below.  Thanks and please contact me with any questions or concerns.

    3rd Gifted Math: ayvaw6u

    4th Gifted Math: rnjt2pk

    5th Gifted Math: mkl7zff

    Counselor Pages: 7ijmk3f


    E-Learning Partnership 

    Gifted Third/Fourth/Fifth Grade

    In accordance with District 162 E-Learning Partnership, students have been assigned math lessons on Study Island that are to be completed during the school closure period. These assignments will be graded and included in the 3rd quarter final grades.  All students have been given their log-in information and can work at their own pace to complete the assigned topics.  In addition to Study Island, students have been given accounts on a number of supplemental math websites to practice previous lesson topics or independently gain experience in new concepts.  Freckle and Sumdog accounts have been given to all students.  Khan Academy is an excellent website with instructional videos that can be used to help build understanding of any mathematical concept. I will be available to communicate with parents and students through my school e-mail or through the Class Dojo app (e-mail me with your cell number if you have not previously joined Dojo). Please reach out with any questions or concerns during this time.  As always, stay safe, keep in touch, and thank you for your help in keeping our children academically engaged.


    Students have been given access to the Everyday Math through their online portal.  Textbooks, student journals, homeLinks assignments and additional practice and videos are availiable to use at home.  The log-in information has been taped into each students planner and may be accessed at any time.  This online access allows you to print forgotten or lost assignments as well offers an opportunity to practice and rewatch materials to build a concrete understanding of each concept covered in class.  I hope you find this material useful as we strive to bring out the best in each of our children. 


    Homework is a vital tool in helping children learn and master the skills practiced in school.  Homework is given daily in math class and is expected to be completed by the beginning of the next days class period.  Math Facts in a Flash is a required daily homework component that allows your students to complete problems with less stress, in a quicker amount of time, and with greater accuracy.  Please be sure to talk with your students to ensure that homework is being completed and turned in each and every day.  Be on the lookout for graded papers which come home on the last day of the week.  All assignments my be corrected and returned for an improvement of the grade initially received. 


    PowerSchool is updated several times a week with recent graded assignments, missing and late homework, and upcoming projects and activities.  Please check in frequently in order to moniter your childs progress.

    Math Facts in a Flash

    We are working on fluency in the classroom daily using a variety of methods, but our main tool is the Math Facts in a Flash program.  Students are asked to practice online at home at least 10 minutes a night in order to build confidence and automaticity of the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.  Weekly tests are given on either Thursday or Friday and are included in your childs final grade for math.

    Study Island

     Study Island is now up and running for students in grades three through five.  Students will begin to receive homework assignments to be completed through this online program. Student log-in information has been passed out and is taped into each students planner.  There will be class as well as individual student assignments to be completed.  All Study Island work will be either enrichment of the current textbook topic of study, or be based on collected data that identifies areas where students need extra practice to ensure success on the IAR (standardized test) to be taken later in the year.  Please make sure that students are working to complete these important practice lessons to ensure we are successfully growing our mathematical skill set.