This year science will be team taught by Mrs. Rinke and Mr. Gary.  Both of us are looking forward to getting to know your student and instilling the value of hard work while having fun learning.

     Grading/Homework Policies/Absences

    The grades for science are weighted as follows: Tests/Quizzes- 50%, Labs/Projects/In-Class Work- 40%, and Homework- 10%.  Grades will be updated weekly on PowerSchool. Homework is given on a regular basis and is expected to be completed on time.  If a homework assignment is not handed in the day it is due, points will be taken off and the grade will be lowered. If your student is absent, it is their responsibility to find out what they missed during their absence and to make up any missed homework, labs, quizzes, or tests.  If the homework was assigned prior to their absence, they are expected to turn in the homework when they return to school. They will have the number of days they were absent plus one additional day to make up any missed work. Tests must be made up one week from the day the test was given.   Lab make-ups will be done before or after school on set days.


    Power School provides instant visibility to assignments, scores, grades, comments and progress for each student. I will be posting homework daily under the Classroom News and Assignments tab.  It is imperative that parents/guardians access their account by signing up in order to receive these updates.

     Materials Needed

    Textbook                                        Book to Read                           Planner

    Folder with Loose-Leaf Paper            Highlighter

    1-inch Binder with Dividers              Scissors

    Pencils, Pens                                   Markers, colored pencils

     Classroom Expectations
    The following rules are expected to be followed during school:

    Respect the learning environment.

    Respect the task at hand.

    1) Follow directions/procedures the first

       time they are given

    2) Raise your hand to speak or to get out  

       of your seat

    3) Listen when others are talking

    4) Keep your hands/feet to yourself and

       off of others’ belongings

    5) Keep our room clean

    6) Choose to learn as much as you can

    1) Be prepared for class with all of the  

       proper materials

    2) Work  quietly

    3) Work cooperatively in groups

    4) Avoid distracting others

    5) Do your own work

    6) Choose to always put your best effort



     These are the classroom rules that the students will need to follow. For the first few days of school the class will review these rules/procedures together. These are the expectations for the students this school year. Failure to follow classroom rules will result in a warning and then a disciplinary referral form will follow. Students are also expected to adhere to the district handbook.


    O.W. Huth Middle School reinforces a mandatory school uniform policy. Every student must be in proper uniform daily. The uniform consists of navy blue, black, or khaki colored pants, skirt or shorts, with a plain white or blue polo shirt or a collared dress shirt. Students may also wear a plain, black, or navy blue sweater with no hood attached.  The Huth fleece may be worn over the school shirt daily. All other spirit wear is ONLY worn on Friday. Please refer to the school modified dress code if you have further questions.


    Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.  Email is the best way to get a hold of us. My email is crinke@sd162.org and Mr. Gary's email is rgary@sd162.org.  We try to look at our email several times a day, but on occasion, we may not have the opportunity to look at it until the end of the day, so please be patient.  We will return your email within 24 hours. If you would like to reach us by phone, please call (708) 748-0470.

     We are looking forward to a productive school year educating your child. By utilizing effective two-way communication, it can build a strong relationship between home and school. With your assistance and support, we can make this school year an engaging, productive, and a beneficial learning experience for your child.

    Mrs. Rinke and Mr. Gary