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    Expectations in Science:

    Safety Precautions are the number one concern in my laboratory. Students are expected to follow instructions, understand safety precautions, and be aware of their surroundings so that everyone in the classroom is safe.

    Behavior Expectations

    1. Follow all directions and instructions.

    2. Listen when I or another person speaks.

    3. Respect all people, all equipment, all ideas.

    4. Do not walk around classroom unless told so by your teacher.

    5. Stay on task! Do all class/homework.

    6. Treat others how you want to be treated.

    7. Be polite (Please, Thank you, Excuse Me, I'm Sorry, May I?..........)

    Bring materials for class: pens/pencils, notebook paper and TWO MOST IMPORTANT -->>Science BOOK and Science NOTEBOOK

    Learn and have fun!


    I am on the Remind App where I will send homework and notifications for each class.

    For Science 6th A Enter 81010 Text @mbogdan  https://www.remind.com/join/mbogdan

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