1. Teacher Creed
    2. As your teacher, I will not tolerate any student in this classroom stopping me from teaching for any reason whatsoever.
    3. As your teacher, I will not tolerate any student in this classroom stopping another student from learning for any reason whatsoever.
    4. As your teacher, I will not tolerate any student in this classroom doing anything that is not in the best interest of this class or in your best interest.
      1. As your teacher, I WILL do everything within my power to help you succeed!
      2. As your teacher, I WILL expect you to embrace struggle, be patient with yourselves and others, use your resources, and give your best effort in and outside of the classroom, in order to EARN your grade.
      3. As your teacher, I will not GIVE grades, you earn them, so be accountable for yourself, your actions, and your assignments.


    1. Daily Expectations: Classroom Rules/Consequences
    1. Be ready!
    2. Respect and contribute to the environment: Be open to learn & accountable for your actions.
    3. Be fully present and actively listening.
    4. Persevere through academic and social challenges. Be your best self, even when you don’t FEEL like it.
    5. Refrain from grooming (brushing, combing, picking, undoing braids) in class; this is not a beauty/barber shop, all combs, hairpicks, brushes should be put away. Grooming is for the bathroom.


    To protect all of us, the following sequence of responses to minor rule violations will be implemented.  For major violations, the severity may require a different course of action.

    #1        Teacher Warning/Student Apology

    #2        Student Conference/Phone Call Home

    #3        Referral to Dean – possible removal from class


    I SHOULD NOT have to tell young adults instructions and repeat expectations multiple times. Consequences will follow those who do not act their age, disrespect myself and/or your classmates, this learning space, and/or our time together.


    1. Entering and Ending class

    Please enter the room in the quietly appropriate manner, take your seat, and begin doing the Bell Work, which will be on the Promethean Board.


    When the bell rings you are at a level 0 (silent) working on the Do Now/Bell Work unless otherwise instructed.


    There is NO talking or whispering, when the bell rings, class has begun. If you have a question, raise your hand, but note, Ms. Mitchell does not take questions the first 5 minutes of class.


    At the beginning of class, once the bell rings there is no getting up to sharpen pencils, throw away anything, etc. class has begun. If you do so, it will be a tardy. During class, raise your hand for permission to move about the class.


    The bell does not dismiss you; I dismiss you.  Please wait for my cue before leaving the room.  Be sure that when you leave, all materials are put back in their proper place and chairs are pushed in. If the room is not back in order you WILL NOT be leaving.


    Requesting Teacher’s Assistance

    If you require additional assistance, please ask me during class when working on an assignment, after class, or contact me via email. Keep in mind, you must go through the proper steps before requesting help.

    • Re-read the question being asked
    • Look up any words you don’t know and/or action verbs
    • Use prior knowledge and/or review notes from previous classes
    • If it’s partner/group work ask your classmates how they got their answer, make them elaborate and explain their thought process
    • Give your best effort and educated guess
    • Be ready to ask Ms. Mitchell poignant questions versus “I don’t know how to do this” OR “I am confused”. Be explicit on what you’re confused about or what you need assistance with.