Quinlan and Fabish Music Compant

Instrument Rental/ Purchasing Information



    (Click this-->)How to rent/ buy online with Quinlan and Fabish



    If you are STILL interested in joining band or strings:

    • Contact Quinlan and Fabish for quick and easy instrument rental/ purchase!

    **If there are any price concerns, contact Quinlan and Fabish, or Miss Reardon.**


    • Email Miss Reardon at creardon@sd162.org so she can answer any of your questions in a timely fashion.



    (You can be in both band and choir)

    Required by all band members:

    • Your Instrument

    (Can be rented or purchased at the Instrument Trial Night or from Quinlan and Fabish… Please, please do NOT buy any instruments without consulting Miss Reardon first.  There are many low quality instruments that will hinder your student’s band performance, learning, and overall experience!! These instruments often times cost you MORE money because of expensive repairs!! Miss Reardon is ALWAYS more than happy to schedule an appointment to help look for an alternative instrument if price point is a concern. Do not hesitate to ask!)


    • Essential Elements 2000- For the designated instrument (Book 1)- Can be purchased from Miss Reardon  (if this was not done so at the rental night).


    • 1 inch, black, three ring binder (for keeping sheet music and handouts)


    • At least 25 pages of sheet protectors (These are very reasonably priced on Amazon)


    • A sharpened #2 pencil, with an eraser


    • Concert Attire- 1) Solid black, flat, dress shoes with solid black socks and black laces. 2) solid black, ironed slacks, 3) Solid black, ironed, no- tab, button up dress shirt.


    • Wire music stand for home practice (optional, but strongly recommended)

    Flute: cleaning rod, 100% cotton handkerchief

    Clarinet: 1 box of #2 size reeds, cleaning swab, and cork grease.(2 ½ size reeds after a few months.)

    Saxophone: 1 box of #2 size reeds, cleaning swab (preferably silk), and cork grease. (2 ½ size reeds after a few months.)

    Trumpet/Euphonium: Valve oil , tuning slide lubricant.

    Trombone: Slide oil, tuning slide lubricant, small spray bottle.


    **Your instrument may come with many of these necessary materials… Miss Reardon can always order more of any item you may need.**