• 20 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Practice

    1. Make practice a game.
    2. Find out what motivates your child. Ribbons? Stickers? Money?
    3. Praise your child for the effort. Use “I” messages.
    4. Be there for the lesson. Attentive and present. It’s a wonderful time to focus on  your child and his/her learning.
    5. Listen to your child as they practice.
    6. Cooperative planning. Set up a home plan for practicing. Talk with the teacher  regularly to devise/change the practice plan.
    7. Set limits.
    8. Attend music events and concerts that invite a culture of music for the family.
    9. Share your dream with your child.
    10. Realize that there will be periods of waxing and waning. Commit to music education  for the long haul. For example, “In our family, everyone receives a music education  until they are 18.”
    11. Set an example. Lead by example, learning is life-long. Adults can take lessons too.
    12. Come to lessons. You are always welcomed to participate, listen, and learn during  your child’s lesson time.
    13. Don’t argue or vent at the lesson. Be the “wallpaper.”
    14. Attend their concerts. It’s a time to celebrate your child’s performance. Invite family and friends.
    15. Validate the importance of practice as a family effort. For example” Your sister has  to practice, you may do…….”
    16. Invite a friend over to practice.
    17. An “older” motivated student, as a “big sister” or “big brother,” can be a wonderful  mentor for your child.
    18. Understand that most children are not intrinsically motivated to just sit down and  practice.
    19. Confer with teacher regularly to devise/change the motivational plan for practice.
    20.  Make friends with other parents of music students and share ideas.