• Rules


    B- Be respectful to everyone and everything

    This includes the Director, guest teachers, each other, and the band room.

    Rehearsal time by not talking or playing out of turn.

    If you’re on time, you are late.  If you are early, you are on time.

    A- Accept responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your learning.

    Pick up after yourself, pay attention, and work hard.

    Participate in class and practice at home.

     N- No touching things that do not belong to you.

    Keep your hands off of other instruments, (Especially percussion!), the music stands, the podium, the Director’s belongings, and each other.

     D- Do your best every day!

    Be prepared with your instrument, materials, a pencil (or two!), and your music learned.

    Set up and get to your seat quickly.


    No talking or disruptive behavior will be permitted.

    Anyone who refuses to comply with these rules will be dismissed from the band at the Director’s discretion.