• Welcome to 7th/8th grade Math!                                                           


    I’m very excited to start the 2019-2020 school year and hope you are as well.  This is going to be a fun and exciting year for everyone as we prepare our students to succeed in the world of Math.  My name is Mrs. Wilder and I will be your child’s 7th /8th grade math teacher.  This will be my 17th year teaching and my third year at Illinois School.  I went to Chicago State University where I received my undergrad degree and later returned for my Elementary Education certification with my middle school endorsements in Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies.   I also received my masters in Educational Technology at Concordia University Chicago.

    In this class, we will explore “Math in Real Life” and discuss the question “How does math function as a universal language?” Students will develop an understanding of the key concepts and principles of math by applying ideas, solving problems, having class discussions, using technology, and making connections with other disciplines and society. Students will display their mastery skills through various assessments, including performance tasks, tests, quizzes, hands on/interactive activities, choice menus, and homework. Students will leave this course with an understanding of how they can apply mathematical concepts to their life. 


    We will start the year learning how to take notes using a binder with dividers. This binder will include vocabulary, do nows, class notes, and foldable sheets that will be glued into the notebook. They will learn how to organize their binder and color use color to highlight important information. This notebook will be checked on a quarterly basis. A folder will also be used to keep all unfinished classwork to be complete throughout the week.  Homework will be assigned through the internet.


    Materials Required:


    Markers or colored pencils 

    #2 Pencils with erasers 

    red pen

     loose leaf wide lined notebook paper 


    12 inch ruler/protractor/compass

    Dry Erase markers

    1 plain color pocket folder

    Binder with dividers

    Glue stick

    Calculator TI 30x


    Grading Policy


    Students will engage in a grading cycle on a weekly basis.  Each student will receive a weekly grade sheet on Thursday for parent/guardian to sign and returned on Friday. Grade assignment will come slowly during the first few weeks, in order for the class to build relationships and become familiar with the class policy and procedures.  All work must be completed on time, neatly, and must show your work. NO WORK SHOWN = NO GRADE. 

    Late work will be accepted as follows: 1 class late minus 10%, 2 class late minus 20% late, and 3 class late minus 30%. AFTER THE 3rd DAY NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


                The following grading scale will be used to assess student mastery of the standards based objectives:

    100%-93%        A

    92%-87%          B

    86%-78%          C

    77%-70%          D

    69% and below F





    Classroom rules:

    1. Follow directions the first time given
    2. Be respectful to all adults, classmates, and materials  
    3. Be on time and prepared!  
    4. Keep all cellphones in your locker
    5. Raise your hand before you speak or get out of your seat.



    Student/Teacher conference and /or 5 min timeout in the other grade level teacher

    Timeout in Mrs. Laird’s room, parent contact and lunch detention

    Referral with parent contact 

    All severe cases will go to the Office



    1. Wolf bucks
    2. Classdojo points
    3. Praise (includes contact parent)
    4. Homework passes
    5. Lunch w/teacher
    6. Bi-monthly “Fun Friday”


    Missed Work:

    Students who miss class for any reason should first check the absent work board for any work they may have missed. Students can also check our classroom website for any missing assignments. After checking the board/website, they should make arrangements with the teacher to go over the material they missed. If students know they will be absent ahead of time, they may notify the teacher to receive their work in advance. Students will have two (2) days upon their return to complete missed work (i.e. if they miss Monday and return Tuesday, assignments will be due Thursday).


    In order to reach these goals I have set forth for our students, I will hold myself and my students to a very high expectations.  It will take a great deal of discipline to reach our goals and every minute of instruction is valuable.  Student learning is my sole focus.



    E-Learning Updates:

     Good Morning Parents and Students,
    Welcome to  our E-Learning experience. I will also upload videos to help student on Google Classroom. If you need help please don't hesitate to contact me on Google Classroom, on here Class Dojo, or email. I have also uploaded a copy of the E-Learning Curriculum on Google Classroom. I will be available from 9-2 for questions. I have created a Google classroom assignment where student can put their questions on a Google doc so I can address it. Also it will be private so no one can see your question. Lastly, you can screen shot to help me see what your problem is.Thank you and be safe.